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Most recent publications

Gkotsoulias, D.G., Jäger, C., Müller, R., Gräßle, T., Olofsson, K.M., Møller, T., Unwin, S., Crockford, C., Wittig, R.M.,
Bilgic, B. & Möller, H.E. (2024) Chaos and COSMOS—Considerations on QSM methods with multiple and single
orientations and effects from local anisotropy.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, in press.

Eppley, T. M., Reuter, K. E., Sefczek, T. M., Tinsman, J., Santini, L., Hoeks, S., Andriantsaralaza, S., Shanee, S., Fiore, A. D., Setchell, J. M., Strier, K. B., Abanyam, P. A., Mutalib, A. H. A., Abwe, E., Ahmed, T., Ancrenaz, M., Andriantsimanarilafy, R. R., Ang, A., Aureli, F., … Wallis, J.,  Waters, S.,  Wittig, R.M.,  Wrangham, R.W.,  Wright, P.C. & Mittermeier, R. A. (2024). Tropical field stations yield high conservation return on investment. Conservation Letters, e13007.

Friederici, A.D., Wittig, R.M., Anwander, A., Eichner, C., ... Gunz, P., Weiskopf, N. & Crockford, C. (2024). Brain structure and function: A multidisciplinary pipeline to study hominoid brain evolution. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience.

Eichner, C., Paquette, M., Müller-Axt, C., ... Wittig, R.M., Crockford, C., Friederici, A. D. & Anwander, A. (in press). A Resource for Detailed Mapping of the Complex Fiber Structure and White Matter Pathways of the Chimpanzee Brain. Nature Methods.

Rühlemann, M.C., Bang, C., Gogarten, J.F., ... Surbeck, M., Wittig, R.M., Zuberbühler, K., Baines, J.F., Leendertz, F.H. & Franke, A. (2024) Functional host-specific adaptation of the intestinal microbiome in hominids. Nat Commun 15, 326 (2024).

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