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Supplementary information on publications

Here we provide supplementary information for publications about the Taï chimpanzees. These materials will help to understand the scientific content of the publication and can be used for teaching and conservation awareness purposes under the CC BY-NC-ND license. In case of questions, please contact us. 


PLoS Biology 2024

Protracted development of stick tool use skills extends into adulthood in wild western chimpanzees

In wild chimpanzees, the intricacies of tool use learning continue into adulthood. This pattern supports ideas that large brains across hominids allow continued learning through the first two decades of life.

Developmentaal Science, 2021

Systematic mapping of developmental milestones in wild chimpanzees

  • Patterns of milestone emergence in wild chimpanzees are broadly comparable to observations in the human literature.

  • As in humans, chimpanzee gross motor traits emerge on average before communication, social interaction and fine motor traits.

  • Later emerging milestones demonstrate greater inter-individual variation in the timing of the emergence.

A_DSC02249_Liran Samuni.jpg

PNAS 2017

Oxytocin reactivity during intergroup conflict suggests parochial altruism processes in wild chimpanzees

Oxytocin encourages group cooperation and coordination in wild chimpanzee societies, reducing deflection of individuals during dangerous inter-group encounters with rival communities. 

Mitani groomes Boesch (c)Marine, TCP.jpg
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